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Christmas is ’round the corner December 1, 2010

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Since Christmas is only 24 days away, I thought it would be nice to post another blog entry relating to Christmas. A few weeks ago, I posted up an image of an artificial Christmas tree in the Image of the Week section. Even though traditional, real Christmas trees are amazing, I’ve always felt like it’s such a waste. Every year a few days after Christmas, I start seeing my neighbors throwing out their Christmas trees and these trees perish in the cold, empty sidewalk.
Personally, my family has been putting up an artificial Christmas tree every year for many years now and I think it’s great because it’s reusable and all kinds of ornaments fit perfectly the same way as they would on a real Christmas tree. With real Christmas trees, I feel that so many trees are cut every year around this time of the year only to be kept for a couple of weeks.
The image below that I mentioned earlier is really fascinating to me. I think it would be unique to have this kind of eco Christmas tree. It has a great design to it and although you don’t see any green leaves or branches, it has the whole shape designed to look exactly like a Christmas tree. It might not be easy to hang ornaments, but it has a sort of modern appeal to it. The height seems similar to a real Christmas tree and it fits well with almost anything. Most importantly, it’s environmental-friendly. Although it’s completely different in terms of its material and texture, it would be interesting to have this 3-dimensional recycled tree.