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I’m back! February 25, 2011

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As you may already know, I originally set up this blog for my first semester college class “Writing in Electronic Environments”. I mentioned that I would eventually return to blogging here once I had the time. It’s been almost two months since my last blog post back in December 2010. I had a ton of fun learning about the electronic blogging world along with learning much more about my own interest area of eco-friendly businesses.

Now, I shall once again begin blogging here. Thank you for stopping by.

For today, I’ve included something that I specifically saved to post here.

The link here directs you to several images of a Beijing Egg House.
This is quite interesting!


Christmas is ’round the corner December 1, 2010

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Since Christmas is only 24 days away, I thought it would be nice to post another blog entry relating to Christmas. A few weeks ago, I posted up an image of an artificial Christmas tree in the Image of the Week section. Even though traditional, real Christmas trees are amazing, I’ve always felt like it’s such a waste. Every year a few days after Christmas, I start seeing my neighbors throwing out their Christmas trees and these trees perish in the cold, empty sidewalk.
Personally, my family has been putting up an artificial Christmas tree every year for many years now and I think it’s great because it’s reusable and all kinds of ornaments fit perfectly the same way as they would on a real Christmas tree. With real Christmas trees, I feel that so many trees are cut every year around this time of the year only to be kept for a couple of weeks.
The image below that I mentioned earlier is really fascinating to me. I think it would be unique to have this kind of eco Christmas tree. It has a great design to it and although you don’t see any green leaves or branches, it has the whole shape designed to look exactly like a Christmas tree. It might not be easy to hang ornaments, but it has a sort of modern appeal to it. The height seems similar to a real Christmas tree and it fits well with almost anything. Most importantly, it’s environmental-friendly. Although it’s completely different in terms of its material and texture, it would be interesting to have this 3-dimensional recycled tree.


Business Venture October 14, 2010

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A friend of mine has a great idea of opening a small entertainment -and- dinner type restaurant or cafe. She already ran this idea to a few others including myself. Her parents have years of experience from opening their own restaurant. As of right now, we obviously cannot move forward in any way because we’re full-time University students. Also, it seems that only a quarter of us are interested in pursuing this idea in possibly ten to twenty years. The friend who proposed this idea really wants to open this restaurant business someday in the future and is extremely interested in making it happen.

So I thought this would be interesting to tie in to this business and environmental blog. My friend has discussed some ideas and for right now, there’s only a rough outline of what this business venture will be. For now, the majority of the group has made a decision not to move forward. The others that have taken an interest are already suggesting a creative twist that would be intriguing for people of all ages. Some of them have suggested a fancy theme that would appeal to a more specific age group. I have a suggestion for the restaurant to have a “green” theme and include decorations that are environ

mental-friendly and at the same time promote the idea of environmental awareness within the business. I have a neutral role in this business venture because I’m not against the idea. However, I think we should focus on our studies and make school our first priority. However, I’m bringing this up because this is an opportunity for me to explore problems that occur in businesses such as restaurants.

For example, in terms of this restaurant proposal, one of the greatest challenge is actually starting the business and making sure that there is enough profit so we can spend it on fo

od and materials such as menus and utensils. There are other challenges such as making sure that certain

health requirements are met and that employees

are well-trained and prepared for before serving the customers. I believe that customer satisfaction is really important and many times business entrepreneurs and managers


overlook this area. And then there are other dilemmas such as sharing the profit (if applicable) and maintaining a balanced cash flow.  (more…)