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“Quo Vadis = Where are you going?” December 8, 2010

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This will be my last blog post for the semester. However, I will still try and post some interesting things related to the business field and environment later on.

Last year, I was given a Quo Vadis planner. I didn’t realize that its cover along with its pages are eco-friendly! I was cleaning out my closet during Thanksgiving break when I found this and the front had said “Made out of eco-friendly materials”. So I thought it would be interesting to bring up something that many people use their daily lives.

I googled “Quo Vadis” and came up with their website. According to their website,”Quo Vadis developed planners with recycled paper for people who prefer this option. Unlike other recycled paper, Equology paper is crisp, very white, and good to write on. Equology planners come bound or refillable.”

“-Alkaline/neutral paper
-Certified EcoLogo, chlorine-free and FSC recycled paper
-Manufactured using biogas energy”

It has a logo I really like, shown here.

The cover that I have is really nice. It has a “rubber feel” to it and it’s definitely great to use. They come in many colors, so when you are purchasing a Quo Vadis planner, you can choose from a variety of styles and colors. If you are in need of a planner for the coming 2011, be sure to check out Quo Vadis planners. I highly recommend it! They offer refills too, so only the yearly pages have to be replaced. The cover can always stay the same, if you decide not to change it every year.

Here is the website. Please take a look at it!

How does this all fit into the eco-friendly business environment? Well, planners are usually used by many people and this is the perfect opportunity to purchase a stylish planner that also saves the planet!


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