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“Quo Vadis = Where are you going?” December 8, 2010

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This will be my last blog post for the semester. However, I will still try and post some interesting things related to the business field and environment later on.

Last year, I was given a Quo Vadis planner. I didn’t realize that its cover along with its pages are eco-friendly! I was cleaning out my closet during Thanksgiving break when I found this and the front had said “Made out of eco-friendly materials”. So I thought it would be interesting to bring up something that many people use their daily lives.

I googled “Quo Vadis” and came up with their website. According to their website,”Quo Vadis developed planners with recycled paper for people who prefer this option. Unlike other recycled paper, Equology paper is crisp, very white, and good to write on. Equology planners come bound or refillable.”

“-Alkaline/neutral paper
-Certified EcoLogo, chlorine-free and FSC recycled paper
-Manufactured using biogas energy”

It has a logo I really like, shown here.

The cover that I have is really nice. It has a “rubber feel” to it and it’s definitely great to use. They come in many colors, so when you are purchasing a Quo Vadis planner, you can choose from a variety of styles and colors. If you are in need of a planner for the coming 2011, be sure to check out Quo Vadis planners. I highly recommend it! They offer refills too, so only the yearly pages have to be replaced. The cover can always stay the same, if you decide not to change it every year.

Here is the website. Please take a look at it!

How does this all fit into the eco-friendly business environment? Well, planners are usually used by many people and this is the perfect opportunity to purchase a stylish planner that also saves the planet!


Christmas is ’round the corner December 1, 2010

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Since Christmas is only 24 days away, I thought it would be nice to post another blog entry relating to Christmas. A few weeks ago, I posted up an image of an artificial Christmas tree in the Image of the Week section. Even though traditional, real Christmas trees are amazing, I’ve always felt like it’s such a waste. Every year a few days after Christmas, I start seeing my neighbors throwing out their Christmas trees and these trees perish in the cold, empty sidewalk.
Personally, my family has been putting up an artificial Christmas tree every year for many years now and I think it’s great because it’s reusable and all kinds of ornaments fit perfectly the same way as they would on a real Christmas tree. With real Christmas trees, I feel that so many trees are cut every year around this time of the year only to be kept for a couple of weeks.
The image below that I mentioned earlier is really fascinating to me. I think it would be unique to have this kind of eco Christmas tree. It has a great design to it and although you don’t see any green leaves or branches, it has the whole shape designed to look exactly like a Christmas tree. It might not be easy to hang ornaments, but it has a sort of modern appeal to it. The height seems similar to a real Christmas tree and it fits well with almost anything. Most importantly, it’s environmental-friendly. Although it’s completely different in terms of its material and texture, it would be interesting to have this 3-dimensional recycled tree.


“The New Wave of Green Cars”

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In my recent posts, I’ve been mentioning many environmental-friendly products and steps that different businesses and corporations around the world are taking. However, there’s another really important part of this green direction in which many aspects of our society is heading towards that I haven’t yet talked about here. This includes the way our very own transportation is changing.

Under Yahoo’s Auto News, I found a recent article published online that gave information on a series of “green cars” that are underway in the coming 2011. For the past three or four years, I have been seeing several advertisements on new hybrid cars in many different models. For instance, one very typical hybrid car we see (also mentioned in this article) is the Toyota Prius. Obviously, we are making progress in terms of producing and using the things around us that are more environmental-friendly. This is really important because transportation is so vital when it comes to travelling to visit family or even simply to buy groceries. Cars are almost like our daily travel companions. Therefore, it only makes sense to change the type of energy in which our cars are using.

The article explains that the launch of the Chevrolet Volt from General Motors and the Leaf from Nissan in December will eventually promote the new trend of electric, hybrid, and plug-in electric cars. However, these new vehicles will be launched regionally, meaning that they’re only available in certain states. Due to necessity of a charging network and other important features that are still being developed, there are limited launches into the mass market.

The article provides the following websites for reference in terms of availability and most things there is to know about these kinds of cars.

Some other types of cars such as the Coda sedan will have a federal tax rebate along with state incentives. However, these are more unlikely to be found in the mass market, for they are only available through certain markets and retail stores.

I don’t usually follow-up with these kinds of auto news, but I thought it would be interesting to share. If you have some time, definitely take a look at the article here. Whether or not you’re planning to participate in this new “green” trend vehicle-wise, it’s still something fun to read and learn about. This type of production is always a slower process and can take many years to develop.