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Facebook Goes Green November 18, 2010

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Nowadays, it’s quite obvious that Facebook has impacted the way many groups are supporting causes and using the online domain to spread awareness.  These last couple of days, I’ve been following many articles and blogs relating to Facebook that talk about how Facebook has begun to incorporate elements of the eco-friendly movement into their business operations. I recently read an article that dealt with the way Facebook is merging eco-friendly ideas into their daily management of the domain.

When I found out about it, I “Liked” the official “Green on Facebook” page. As of right now, there are 56, 923 Facebook users who have “Liked” this. Most of the time, my Facebook friends may recommend me pages that I am not interested in. This time however, I immediately clicked “Like” for their Go-Green page because I want to be a part of this and see how it continues to expand around the world. This is a great beginning because Facebook is taking advantage of its popularity and promoting something that is not only interesting to learn about, but at the same time, a great way of spreading the word between “Friends” on Facebook.

Their Info section of the page states, “we are taking proactive steps as a company to implement responsible sustainability practices throughout Facebook. This includes our own efforts toward energy efficient computing, smart practices by our employees and our facilities, sensible advocacy and partnerships and leveraging the social sustainability of our platform.” The Info section goes on to describe their efforts in CPU usage. There’s also a section titled “Programs” where Facebook goes into more detail regarding its “Green Programs” and “Energy Efficient Computing”.  Most importantly, I liked how they included partnerships with other companies such as the “Alliance to Save Energy”, “Digital Energy Solutions Campaign”, and the “Green Grid”. In both the partners “Alliance to Save Energy” and “DESC”, they have designed their page so that readers can see that they’re connected to Facebook. I think this is really important because not only are they showing this important partnership with Facebook, they’re spreading their campaign into a public domain like Facebook where people log on almost every day. According to an article on Facebook’s initiatives,  “[there are] water conservation efforts that have cut water used by the 1,700 Facebook employees by 60 percent, a Google-esque employee shuttle program that 40 percent of employees use instead of driving to work, and recycling and composting efforts in-house”. Although there are some criticisms out there, it seems that Facebook is starting from a low point which will eventually expand to a point where everyone is aware of this campaign.

They are still in their early stages of this, so we’ll see what happens and hopefully, this awareness can influence other large corporations and businesses to try something similar. I just thought this would be an interesting point to share because Facebook is such a popular online community where the younger generations can take charge, create new innovative ideas, and help spread the cause by standing up and promoting this to their families and friends to join the cause. And what about the older generations? The same thing applies to them- there seems to have been an increasing amount of the older generations beginning to use Facebook to connect with their family (children, grandchildren, long-time friends etc.) They can help the same way by talking about the importance of going green and spreading the word through places like Facebook.

Below is an image that represents Facebook’s green initiatives.


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