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Hyatt Hotels-Eco-Friendly Meetings November 10, 2010

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What comes to your mind when you read this phrase, “Great happens when people get together”?  Everyone may have a different interpretation. You might have heard it somewhere, or you may not have even heard of it before. I’ve been seeing this phrase in an ad many times when I log onto Facebook or when I’m researching a topic for a project in one of my classes. It seems to always be there, so I decided to look more into out of curiosity. The word “Green” in the ad really stood out to me the first time, so I was curious to know what these ads were all about.

It turns out, the ad is hosted by the Hyatt Hotel chains and it’s designed to attract business people around the world who may be planning to stay in one of their hotels or book an official business meeting in their hotel. According to their website designed for these events, the Southwest Hotels (including many hotel chains in California) are offering a great deal that not only helps their clients save money but  helps spread the awareness and importance of saving the planet by taking simple steps in the business world. I think this is a really neat idea and it’s honestly the first time I’ve heard of this in connecting businesses such as hotel chains to promote environmental preservation. Whether or not business clubs or members use this to their advantage, it certainly is a next step in promoting even greater possibilities for businesses to merge and adopt the idea of saving the environment.

They have several links that explain the guidelines and what their purpose is on their website. In my opinion, I think they did an excellent job in merging their own logo and company tagline with what their purpose is-which is to serve the business needs of businesses by incorporating the idea of being eco-friendly at the same time. Their original tagline is the one I mentioned in the beginning of this blog post-“Great happens when people get together”. They expand this by advertising, “But now greater happens when green happens”. The whole “green” idea is emphasized and focused. The logo still meets the business people’s goals and needs, but simply adds a new element to these meetings.

Their project is called the “Meet and Be Green Commitment” where they list 10 simple things that the business meeting itself has to meet. Upon completion, they will save 3% off of their overall amount. I think this is a very decent project to try out. I looked over the list of the 10 things and even though most of them “seem like common sense”, it is difficult to commit to. Some of these items include eating local (trying new dishes) and using reusable bottles. Also, they provide a short and clear-cut video that explains their message and why they are pursuing this project. The video clip has a simple, green layout which adds to the “green” feel.  Their advertisements on commonly-visited domains such as Facebook and Google is a great marketing strategy to advertise what their hotels offer and most importantly, still contributing to the businesses going- green movement.

I have provided an image of their ad that I kept seeing and the link to their website, which the video clip can also be found on.

Link to the general Hyatt Meetings Website:

Link to the video and the list of the “10 steps to reduce environmental impact”:


One Response to “Hyatt Hotels-Eco-Friendly Meetings”

  1. luhta100 Says:

    Great to hear that hotels are supporting the environmental cause. I know if I have to choose next time between Hyatt and some other hotel I will be choosing the one that supports the environmental cause.

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