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Props to Tocco September 30, 2010

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I came across this article that made me realize just how much energy we’re consuming. In the small town of Tocco Da Casauria, Italy, wind turbines are successfully producing  high efficiency, low-cost energy. Since the town is located in a mountainous range, the passing winds help the small town conserve and surprsingly produce more electricity than they use. What’s really amazing about this is the fact that it’s the beginning of a new type of renewable energy that not only saves money, but produces profit as well. Now, the town doesn’t need to pay taxes or extra fees because the profit they earn from leasing the land to private turbine companies and the part of the profit from the turbines is enough to run the town. This “highlights the way that shifiting energy economies are often more important than national planning in promoting alternative energy”. Not only that, the town is depending on solar energy to run their cemeteries and sports complex. Can you imagine how much energy we can save each day if the majority of the towns are moving in this direction?

Not only is this a very sophisticated advancement in technology, we’re saving the environment! The common trend is maintaining a business surrounded by environmental-friendly products. If businesses and entrepreneurs can promote and emphasize the idea of “going green” in their businesses, many other people would take into account that these businesses are willing to preserve the environment, and so should we. Now that we have advanced so much in terms of technology, it seems that a lot of times,  we’re only going green because it seems like it’s what we’re supposed to do. With the issues of global warming rising, I think it’s important to save resources so we won’t run out in the future. After all, we depend on natural resources just as much they depend on us too.  If a small town like Tocco can already achieve so much in terms of saving the energy, it would be a huge step if a network of businesses choose to run their companies in a similar way. Here’s the link to the article “Ancient Italian Town Has Wind at Its Back” if you would like to view the article in detail.


Going Green September 22, 2010

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Nowadays, our society stresses the importance of using environmental-friendly products such as reusable grocery bags and cups like the one shown below. At Chapman University, each student of the incoming Freshmen class received a gray, reusable bag during orientation. You may wonder, what does this have to do with the business world?

The blog focuses on environmental issues relating to many businesses. They provide accurate data and other statistics about ongoing environmental issues. Additionally, they continuously promote the idea of “going green” in businesses. Ideally, the blog also provides insights to new businesses that may want to try a new approach in conducting their operations. The majority of their blogs discuss a variety of topics relating to the climate change (global warming) and other interesting environmental topics that I wasn’t even aware of before. Moreover, the blogs at are great for business starters and entrepreneurs.  After all, preserving the environment is just as important as anything else, so it’s a great idea to visit their site and gain some concrete feedback. (more…)


Numbers, Numbers, Numbers September 17, 2010

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All the time, I see my mother with a calculator, punching in numbers, multiplying them, and dividing them until I become lost in her calculations. When I was about eight years old, my mother decided it was time for me to have a hands-on experience and see the actual business world. One day, she took me to see a random, worn-down house that looked as if it had been abandoned. A run-down alley in the back where we parked didn’t make it any better. In fact, I later learned that it was an apartment, specifically being sold as an investment property. From then on, while other children were watching movies on the weekends, I learned how to rent out a house, make the right calculations, handle angry tenants, and even saw how the eviction process works.

I was moved by how my mother had transformed the calculations and numbers into successful investments. At first I thought to myself, “Why do I have to follow my mother around on weekends when I could be having fun with my friends?” The answer never came until I began high school. I took a Small Business Regional Occupation (ROP) class when I was in the tenth grade and I was lucky enough to have the chance to create my own Business Plan and speak with professional businessmen about it. I shyly followed behind my mother whenever she introduced me to professional business people and I saw with my own eyes how successful they all were. Even before she immigrated to the United States, my mother successfully opened and managed her own shipping company in Taiwan. You may be asking what this has to do with my interest in the business field. I am intrigued by the innovative ideas that come up in all the businesses around the world. I care about the environment so I want to form a business that helps to preserve the environment. My mother’s success has influenced me to pursue the business field in hopes of opening my own international company one day.